MasterChef – Mick Style

30 Jul

This post is dedicated to a dear friend of mine, Mick Were.

Mick is a great guy, very domesticated, often does a lot of the housework, much to his wife Tanya’s delight (Tanya of Curtis Stone’s Potato, Leek and Fennel Soup fame).

Although this one night Mick was quite the opposite of domesticated, and had us all in stiches as he uploaded the following series of photos to Facebook.

Enjoy : )

MasterChef Mick style.

Step 1: Remember wife is out tonight...hmm what to cook. Procrastinate for a while. Eat a few lollies each time you pass the kitchen to keep sugar levels up.

Step 2: Open up fridge and hope for something good. Pay special attention to tupperware in bottom levels..usually something good there.

Step 3: The cooking process. I like to use the "HIGH" setting for about 2 minutes. Maybe a piece of paper towel across the top to stop things getting messy in there.

Step 4: Left over Crust Pizza from last night - Mediterranean Lamb and Peri Peri Chicken. Mini Meat Pies from a previous party. Dinner sorted! Go back to lounge and devour. Try to beat cooking time.

Step 5: Find chocolate brownies. Dont worry about that "plating up" crap. Just eat straight from tupperware. Cop that MasterChef!!

One Response to “MasterChef – Mick Style”

  1. Sophie August 1, 2010 at 5:29 pm #

    Hey erica
    speaking of masterchef, my friends cousin is on junior masterchef top 50! Her grandma won’t tell her if he made it through or not but apparently he was on the ad for the show!
    see you soon

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