Marche – Seattle, WA

30 May

Our first night in Seattle was a dreary, cold night – our need for a cozy restaurant and comfort food was paramount.

We were jet-lagged, cold, tired from walking, but had big eyes and big hearts drinking in the sights and sounds of the beautifully green and wet city we found ourselves in.

I am astounded at how much of American food is either deep fried, double fried, shallow fried, flash fried or fried fried… And how their salads are nearly opaque with creamy dressing – enough to make me gag and swear to be a freegan-vegan-fruitarian all the days of my life.

Alas, we were determined to eat fresh, local produce.

So we wandered down to the pier where we found this beautifully tucked away, stellar restaurant called Marche.

This is my handsome dinner partner.

We started with pomme frites and house made mayonnaise and a salade verde (butter lettuce, arugala, lemon, hazelnut oil and brique agour cheese)

We had the restaurant nearly to ourselves, sharing only with three other tables. Our waiter said that 8:00pm is too early for the local folk, and their dinner rush was at 10:00pm. Either he was lying and had a very quiet restaurant, or he was in for a looong shift!

I ordered the petite wagu New York strip steak, with roasted shallots and a fine herb butter. Was delish. I was so hungry I couldn’t even take a shot that was in focus before devouring this tasty morsel. Sorry focus aficionados.

Mark enjoyed the fish of the day, which was locally caught salmon fillet, on leeks (and I can’t remember the rest because it wasn’t written on the menu and American’s speak really fast.) But it was tres yummy.

Any place that has an arrangement of flowers this pretty on their front desk is a winner in my books. Spectacular.


One Response to “Marche – Seattle, WA”

  1. emmycooks May 30, 2012 at 1:06 pm #

    Thanks for the review! That restaurant is a new incarnation of a place that was there for a long time before–looks like we should check it out!

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