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Twenty-One Things

16 Oct
1. I daydream about being REALLY good at a particular thing… Like being associated with a skill that is amazing… and having people say, “Ohhh! Erica, she’s the amazing ballet dancer” or “Ohhh! Erica, she’s the incredible opera singer!”
2. I come from a long line of nurses… my grandmother is a nurse, my mum is a nurse, my dad WAS a nurse, my aunt is a nurse. I spent the majority of my childhood swearing black and blue that I’d NEVER become a nurse…

3. I am a serial buyer and taker backer. I rarely try things on at the shops, I just see something I like, buy it, and then take it back if need be. I am an expert on stores refund policies.

4. I have two mantras in life. “All things happen for a reason” and “Let go and let God”.

5. I once burnt my toe in a cheese and tomato sandwich. Seriously.

6. Anyone who says they LOVE to exercise, is lying.

7. Despite #2, I adore being a nurse. I feel like it was always in my DNA, and I feel like I fulfill a purpose in the world each day, no matter how minute it may be. I love looking after my kiddies, and their families, and they affect me more than I realise.

8. Dawson’s Creek speaks to me. It hits a place deep deeep in my teenage heart. I was Joey, and he was Dawson. Ugh, teen angst…

9. One of my favourite things to do is to go to the flower markets with my mum. We get up super early, buy a V on the way, and race around like crazy women!

10. I want to own my own florist one day shop with my cousin Jess … part time florist, part time nurse/midwife!

11. I am incredibly emotional. I find myself getting teary over anything remotely happy, sentimental, or lovely.

12. When my baby brother was born, I was in grade 1 and I took him to school for show and tell!

13. I love camping. Some of our happiest and most fun holidays were camping on the green grass right on the edge of Lake Hume in Albury. We would ski and wakeboard by day, and chill out by night.

14. I wish I lived on the upper east side and my life was Gossip Girl. Although, in the same breath, I’d be completely content with living in a tiny country town.

15. When I get to heaven I’m going to ask to sing and play the piano like Katie Noonan.

16. I fall more and more in love with my husband every day, so much so, that sometimes I think I might burst.

17. I want to grow old… I want to be so lucky to have that many years of living, and I want to pack them full.

18. I hadn’t listened to the Spice Girls since about 1999, then the other day I put their CD on, and I knew EVERY SINGLE WORD.

19. I remember sulking in my cousin’s room being forced to play lego with my brothers and my little boy cousin while my two super cool older girl cousins went to see MC Hammer in concert, decked out in their hypercolour t-shirts, parachute pants, scrunchy socks, and crimped hair. I was deemed “too young”. Most traumatic night of my life.

20. I am in love with my bridesmaids. They consist of my 2 cousins from #19, my childhood friend whom I spend years and years camping with in #13, my beautiful friend whom I met completely randomly at Castle Hill McDonald’s one night, and another beautiful nurse friend from uni who just ‘gets me’.

21. I love the photos on my fridge of my babies from work. Most people think it is sad, and while it is sad – I feel happy looking at them. I love them, and I don’t want to forget them.


Ten Things

14 Sep

#1. This post is inspired by my lovely sister-in-law’s post which was, in turn, inspired by Bec’s post

#2. I can’t wait to see Brooke Fraser in concert. I hope she plays Arithmetic and CS Lewis Song. My friend Stacey always states “I love Brooke Fraser, and I want to be her” – I share the same sentiment!

#3. I had a job interview yesterday, and it’s a job I’m pretty desperate to get. I hate interviews with the fire of a thousand suns – but what I hate even MORE, is that we must wait for SIX WEEKS until we find out if we were successful or not! Sadists…

#4. My husband and I spent this last weekend in Canberra for the Floriade. It was beautiful. The sun was shining, the jazz was wafting, the breeze was blowing, and hands were holding. We all know how much I love holding hands. I kept declaring that “My cup runneth over”.

#5. We stayed at the Hyatt Hotel in Canberra, which is super swanky. We were upgraded and given access to the Ambassador Lounge where we could nibble on pastries by day, and beautiful canapes by night. It was delightful. I delight in free stuff. Free expensive stuff particularly.

#6. I have a list of girls names, and a list of boys names compiled on my phone. I always add to it when I hear one I like. Too soon??

#7. I love my niece Lily Josephine within an inch of her life. She is breathtaking, and I love our dates where we just hang out together. I’m super excited to watch her grow up and hear what she has to say.

#8. I think Lily’s mum Linzi is the best mum out. Well, equal with Sammy and Clare-bear!

#9. My mum bought me a big bunch of poppies yesterday. I adore poppies, I love their colour and their fragility. They are wafting a soft, springy scent through my nice and clean house. Happy days.

#10. Lastly, happy birthday to my darling, most beloved husband for Saturday. I met him when he was 24 years old… and now he’s turning 30! I thought I loved him at 24, but boy I love him more now! John Lennon happened to get inside my heart before I was even born, and write the words I feel about you…

“Thought I’d been in love before,
But in my heart I wanted more
Seems like all I really was doing
Was waiting for you

From this moment on I know
Exactly where my life will go
Seems that all I really was doing
Was waiting for love

It’s real love
It’s real, yes it’s real love
It’s real”

Happy Tuesday!