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Butchart Gardens – Victoria, BC

25 May

“This is my garden, my joy and my pride. When I am here, I feel God by my side”

My Pop was an avid gardener.

He was a gentleman who appreciated the very finest of things in life – particularly beauty stemming from hard work, which meant that gardening suited him to a tee.

My Pop would always speak about the ‘magnificent Butchart Gardens’ and that ‘perhaps’ I would go one day.

Well, today, I thought ‘perhaps I shall’ and oh Lordy, was it a treat.



mid·wife (noun): with women

20 Oct

We are witnesses to the miracle of life, and to the strength of women.

It is incredibly rewarding work and incredibly demanding work.

We are ‘with women’ throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum – listening, counselling and holding emotional space for her.

We sit with her through loss, abuse and disappointment.

We feel her joys, accomplishments and transformations.

We hold women as they squat, dangle, lunge and kneel – gripping our hands as they bear down.

We contort into various positions to get heart tones and to catch babies.

We work odd and long hours, living in a constant state of ambiguity and contingency plans – often working on little or no sleep, eating on the go.

But being a midwife is not merely a job…

It is a lifestyle.

It is in our blood.

And we could not imagine filling our days, weeks, months and years with anything less.

One Can Dream…

5 Jul

I wish I had this in my backyard.

Can you imagine sitting here sipping a cuppa and reading a good book?


Light Up Your World

4 Jul

A new week starts in a few hours…

Before we know it, we’ll wake up tomorrow morning, and whether we like it or not, it will be Monday morning.

I know I need to learn to embrace it, instead of grumbling through the day, hating on Mondays!

I pose the question – what will you do to be a light in your world this week?

Share your plans by commenting below – we may all inspire eachother to be shining lights in our worlds!


My Happy Place

26 Jun

Intrigued by Zucchini Flowers…

16 Jun

 I am incredibly intrigued by the pretty and delicate flowers of the zucchini plant.

MasterChef seems to use these regularly, and the are often featured on the menus of fancy restaurants!

Has anyone ever cooked with these blossoms?

Have you ever eaten them?

Share your thoughts, experiences and recipes with us!


A Greedy, Needy, Life-changing Love

12 Jun

I have been devouring the latest issue of the Donna Hay Magazine over the last few days. This morning, I turned the last page, and was pleasantly surprised with what I saw featured on her “Things I Love” page.

Here she writes lovingly about the macaron. This caught my eye as my husband loves macarons, and I’ve been wanting to try cooking them for a while. This may just be the little push I needed. In the interim, enjoy how Donna waxes lyrical about her favourite biscuit.

“When I was 24 years old, I visited Paris for the first time and fell deeply in love. It was a greedy, needy, life-changing love and it was with a petite Parisian more beautiful than any I’d ever seen. I fell in love with the macaron. From the moment I locked eyes on the colourful pods in neat rows, their crisp shells back to back, it has been an ongoing ardour. I know it’s true love, because I can never fault them and I never tire of them. My hunt for the perfect macaron has seen me enter every patisserie from Sydney to Soho. Their softly chewy fillings and myriad flavours drawing me in every time. I love the way their fragile crusts form little peaks on top that look as if they’ve been kissed before they were baked. And, although I still covet these heavenly confections from Pierre Herme in Paris, I’m delighted my love for the macaron is no longer restricted by a long haul flight. Now I keep the general store’s confiserie stocked with an array of delectable macarons, and indulge in my sweet affair as often as I like. But the most exciting thing about this love is that it’s best shared, so that everyone can enjoy a little joie de vivre” (Donna Hay Magazine, Issue 51, p.170).