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Headboard Happiness

24 Jun
One of my favourite websites ever, www.younghouselove.com is a wealth of knowledge in the DIY home maker realm. Although our little home doesn’t need much done to it, there are a few projects I’m dying to tackle. See the How To page for inspiration www.younghouselove.com/how-to

On my list of to-dos are

  • Paint our front door red
  • Transform an ugly mirror
  • Paint chic and subtle horizontal stripes in our downstairs bathroom
  • Pimp our laundry
  • Upholster our dining room chairs
  • Add luxe bedroom lighting

The list goes on… But have to start somewhere!

One day a few weeks ago, I had a Friday off and I decided to upholster us a headboard! Our room is quite big, and we had a queen ensemble just kinda shoved up against the wall. Functional, yes, pretty, HELL no.

I searched the internet for days, reading up on how to best upholster this said bed head. Everyone had a different opinion. There were so many options! It could be square edged, round edged, ornately shaped, it could be minimalistic, it could be overstuffed, it could be pillowed with buttons or rhinestones. Your imagination really is the limit when it comes to something like this.

I found my inspiration in my best friend’s wedding magazine! It was an advertisement for Domayne, and it showed this picture

I fell in love with the three separate panels working as one, I thought it was really clever, and much more interesting than just one piece. I also really liked the height, and its proportions. I liked that it was wider than the bed and that it jutted out behind the bedside tables. I also really loved the print. I love anything paisley (except when my mum tries to wear it… sorry mum).

I got all excited, thinking I’d just simply go to Domayne and purchase my perfect headboard. Then I looked at the price. $699.00 per panel! That is $2,097.00 for the set.

Um, that’s a neg. So I decided to make one myself!

The first step was to find the material. I wanted to try to achieve the inspiration picture as much as I could because I really liked the colours, and Mark didn’t mind them either – winner!

First of all, I went to Warwick Fabrics in Glebe, where there are so many beautiful fabrics, but nothing that I  LOVED, and it is hard to decide how much you love it, when you can’t see the price (they are a wholesaler). Next, I went to Rushcutters Bay… the suburb alone rung alarm bells to me, but I ignored them – big mistake! I found one fabric that I LOVED, and two that I was pretty happy with. The one I fell in love with was typically, extremely out of my price range, although Brooke, my brother’s girlfriend was able to get it for me at wholesale price. Even at wholesale price, it was a mere $216/metre!

I then found two other fabrics that I quite liked, but again, out of my price range!

With all of these fabrics out of my league, I headed to good old spotlight at Castle Hill where I stumbled across this fabric for $16.99 per metre! That’s more like it!

It caught my eye as it was actually stretched over a canvas, and hung as a decorative wall hanging in the store. Clever!

I was sold. While at Spotlight, I bought some batting from the quilting department for $5.99 per metre, and bought enough that I could use two layers per panel to make it nice and cushy looking.

I then went to Bunnings and bought some particle board. The nice men there helped me by cutting it to my measurements for no extra cost. Who doesn’t love Bunnings! Luckily my Dad had both a manual staple gun and an electric staple gun, but if you are going to try this, in the words of my friend from school Karen – “You will need a good staple gun. Not just a cheapy from Spotlight… I’m talking about an industrial-dont-mess-with-me type of thing… Bunnings have them and they are not expensive”.

I brought everything home, laid out my materials on our tiny kitchen bench (as we don’t have saw horses or anything like that!) I first stapled the batting to each piece by laying the wood on top of the batting and then I pulled it tightly around the back and stapled around the edge every 5cm or so. Once I was happy with the thickness of the padding, I did the same with the material. It is important to pull the material quite tightly, but evenly the whole way, so that you don’t get any uneven pulling or slackening of the fabric.

Within about an hour we had our headboard! We haven’t secured them at all, they literally just sit on the ground, and our bed is pushed up against them. They don’t move, and there is no damage to the walls with brackets or anything.

I think the grand total for this project was around about $110! This means I could change the material seasonally if I wanted to, and if I get sick of the colours, I don’t have to feel guilty about wasting $216/metre fabric!

The finished result…